I'm fond of literature, both classics and contemporary titles, as well as detective stories and science fiction. As everybody might have guessed, I have some favourites; and if you don't mind, I'll share my knowledge with you. I'll do it anyway, so why don't you agree with me and keep me happy?

Favourites of Mine

Scott Adams
The Dilbert Principle
Most of the examples shown in this great book could be easily fitted in with one of my previous employers. If you ever have to work with engineers or scientist, this book is must to read. I have also read Dilbert Future and The Joy of Work, but didn't like them as much as this one.

Iain M. Banks
Excellent science fiction. Banks has created a universe of his own, Culture, and it can be compared only to the Foundation created by Isaac Asimov. Personally I think that the Culture is not maybe better but more interesting future.

Iain Banks
A Song of a Stone
A book full of wisdom so dense that after reading it I couldn't do anything but stare out of the windows. Smiling stupidly. Banks rocks.

Iain Banks
Yet another great masterpiece from Iain Banks. When I had read this book, I began to understand why Englishmen hype a lot about Banks. The people and the sceneries depicted in the book are so vivid and eloquent that I couldn't stop reading until there were no more pages to comb through.

Fredric Brown
The Far Cry
This book was completely a happy surprise for me. I bought it in very cheap price and didn't know anything about the writer. A very cunning detective genre story with different end.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Lost Worlds and Other Stories
Very different and cunning fiction from A.C. Doyle. The protagonist, professor Georg Edward Challenger is one of the most exotic characters I have ever found in the early science fiction.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Original Illustrated 'Strand' Sherlock Holmes
The Complete Facsimile Edition
The forefather of the modern detective stories as a single book. Should I say more?

William Gibson & Bruce Sterling
The Difference Engine
When two famous science fiction writers join forces, the result could be either an excellent book or a rip-off. And this time the book is just superb piece of fiction, packed full of clashing details obtained from both Victorian and modern worlds.

Phillip Margolin
Gone But Not Forgotten
Another pleasant surprise. The plot of the book is rather straightforward, but the atmosphere and, most of all, the cruelness hooked me with this book.

George Orwell
Very famous book from British writer. The book is not just about sosialistic tyranny, but about power, classes of society, and basic human nature.

Juha Ruusuvuori
Kaniikki Lupus
An excellent pseudo-historic book from a prominent Finnish writer. The book tells a story about a priest that is balancing in a thin line between christianity and old Finnish beliefs of gods and spirits.

Mika Waltari
Johannes Angelos
A masterpiece from the most known Finnish writer, telling a story of a lonely stranger in the turmoils of the very late days of Constantinople. The book is available also in English with the title 'Dark Angel'.

Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray
A very cunning book combining thoughts of hedonistic philosophy, laudation of youth and critic of old English society.