Janne Kalliola

Born May 20th, 1974, Polvijärvi, Finland
Married, two children

Contact Information

Tammasaarenkatu 3
00180 Helsinki, Finland

Ymmerstanportti 9 b 3
02750 Espoo, Finland


+358 40 558 1796


+358 40 558 1796

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jannekalliola

Professional Objective

To fully utilise my skills and passion for leading software development activities and developing company as a whole. To gain hands-on experience in a demanding working environment that provide new challenges and learning opportunities.

Work Experience

2022 - present Chief Growth Officer, Founder
Responsible for accelerating Exove's growth by recruiting, sales, managing customer relationships and doing high-end consulting.

2006 - 2022 Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Responsible for company strategy, execution and growth, and managing customer relations, processes, and key projects.

Exove Design
2011 - 2021 Chairman of the Board, Partner
Growth and strategy.

Hohde Consulting
2001 - 2013 Senior Consultant, Partner
Management and technical consultation on web publishing systems, web design and project management.

Helsinki University of Technology
1997 - 2010 Lecturer, Laboratory of Media Technology
Responsible for Candidate seminar and thesis, resulting into Bachelor of Science degree.

Have lectured also several years on AS-0.1110 XML Based Description Languages, AS-75.108 Publishing Technology, AS-75.105 Basics of Publication Technology 2, AS-75.146 Postgraduate Course on Media Technology, and AS-75.4700 Postgraduate Course on Intelligent Communication Systems.

Trio Network Solutions
2006 - 2006 Project Manager
Leading product development projects, being responsible for R&D activities and product deliveries.

Continuent (former Emic Networks)
2004 - 2005 Director of Product Development
Leading engineering function, being responsible for product development projects, and developing project management and company processes. Member of Continuent's executive committee.

First Hop Ltd
2000 - 2004 Director, Product Development
Responsible for executing product development projects and developing project management and company processes. Member of technical and product steering groups.

1999 - 2000 Head Software Architect
Responsible for product and subcontracting project architectures. Participated in project management and process development.

1998 - 1999 Senior Software Engineer
Leading subcontracting projects, designing and implementing customer specific software systems. Lectured about Java, XML and object-oriented programming.

1999 - 2002 Freelance Writer
Written several articles on blogging, Internet presence, communities, Java programming, XML and dynamic content manipulation, and distributed computing to Tietokone and IT-Viikko.

SSH Communications Security
1997 - 1998 Software Engineer
Designing architecture for a military application.

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Helsinki University of Technology
1999 - 2000 Licentiate of Science, Engineering
Major: Media Technology, minor: Human-Computer Interaction

1993 - 1999 Master of Science, Engineering
Major: Software Systems, minor: Media Technology


2008 - 2011 Golf GameBook
Digital scorecard and golf community.
Responsible for the architecture and development of the server platform and communication protocol, providing guidance on overall architecture.

2006 - 2007 Blyk Ad Engine
Mobile advertising system.
Responsible for technical steering and overall architecture, participated also in the user interface development.

2006 - 2007 Jaiku.com
Microblogging / activity stream service.
Designed and developed the three first incarnations of Jaiku.com web framework and application features. Participated in overall design of the service. Integrated the system to an instant messaging backend.

2004 - 2005 Continuent m/cluster
MySQL and Apache cluster.
Responsible for project execution and productisation, participated also in product steering group.

2001 - 2004 First Hop GPRS Accelerator / Nokia Wireless Accelerator
A system to accelerate mobile internet usage.
Responsible for project execution and productisation, participated also in architecture and component design. Acted as the technical product owner and technical key account manager.

2003 - 2004 First Hop WAP Gateway
An efficient, scalable and highly customisable WAP Gateway for telecom operators.
Responsible for project execution and productisation. Acted as the technical product owner and technical key account manager.


2023 Green Code, Second Extended Edition
Kalliola Janne

2023 Vihreä koodi, toinen laajennettu laitos
Kalliola Janne


2014 Method and a system for delivering messages
Kalliola Janne

2013 Secure Transfer of Information
Kalliola Janne, Kaikkonen Erno, Virta Kalle, Salo Janne, Pundamale Sundeep

2013 Message modification system and method
Aaltonen Janne, Brummer Markku, Kalliola Janne

2009 System for authentication of network usage
Aaltonen Janne, Brummer Markku, Kalliola Janne

2008 Information Gathering from Traffic Flow in a Communication Network
Kalliola Janne, Koponen Juha, Dahlblom Thomas, Aalto Markus, Lattu Tommi, Tiihonen Mikko, Wong Menghong

2007 Method and Arrangement for Integrating an Accelerating Client into an Application
Kalliola Janne, Khashchanskiy Viktor

2007 Centralised Management for a Set of Network Nodes
Kalliola Janne, Dahlblom Thomas, Aalto Markus, Lattu Tommi, Tiihonen Mikko, Wong Menghong

2005 Method and Apparatus for Implementing QOS in Data Transmissions
Kalliola Janne, Khashchanskiy Viktor

2004 Method for Optimizing Performance in Wireless Networks
Koponen Juha, Kalliola Janne, Mallat Hannu, Kari Hannu

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Public Appearances

2023, SepOpen UK: Open Technology for Sustainability Day, Edinburgh, Scotland
ICT Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Exploding – How OS Communities Should Engage and Contribute Their Part

2023, JunFuture Frontend, Helsinki, Finland
Green computing – Energy consumption and countermeasures in modern software

2022, NovECHA IT Days, Helsinki, Finland
Towards carbon neutral coding – and why it is important

2022, SepDrupalCon, Prague, Czech Republic
Global Drupal Business Survey: Exclusive Learnings & Insights

2022, AprBusiness Freekend, Pyhä, Finland
Towards carbon neutral coding – and why it is important

2021, OctDrupalCamp Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Drupal Business Survey 2021 – Analysis

2020, NovDrupalJam, Online
Digital Barnraising – Why Open Source Makes People Better

2019, OctDrupalCon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Why Open Source Matters by Making People and Companies Better

2018, SepDrupal Europe, Darmstadt, Germany
GDPR for Open Technology Companies (training)
GDPR for Developers (training)

2017, AugFinnish Commerce Federation member training, Helsinki, Finland
EU Privacy Regulation on Field of Trade - How to Move Forward

2015, JanMonkiGras, London, the UK
Making meaning by contributing to improve the quality of your life

2014, MayDrupalCamp Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
How to use Twig with Drupal 7

2014, MarDrupalCamp Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Growing and managing Drupal organisations

2011, MayDrupalCamp Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
Drupal vs. the Others

2008, NovFuture of Communication, Espoo, Finland
Immediacy vs. Depth

2008, NovProject Days, Espoo, Finland
Fightning against Stiffness with Openness

2002, Mar JavaOne 2002, San Francisco, USA
Efficient HTML Manipulation for Accelerating Mobile Browsing (BOF-1518)

2001, Nov JavaOne 2001 Japan, Yokohama, Japan
Creating Mobile Services Using Java Programming Language, XML and HTTP

2001, June JavaOne 2001, San Francisco, USA
Creating Mobile Services Using Java Programming Language, XML and HTTP (TS-1404)
Tackling WAP Incompatibilites with Java Technology and XML (BOF-1405)

2001, Feb M-Commerceworld, London, the UK
Enabling the Creation of Mobile Services

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Software Development and IT Skills

Programming Languages
Java, C/C++, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Lisp, assemblers, Pascal, (Visual) Basic, PL/SQL, XSLT & XSL-FO

Development Processes
Agile, Kanban, USDP (RUP), CMM, tailored productisation process


Finnish - native
English - fluent
Swedish - moderate
Estonian - moderate

Non-Profit Activities

Koodia Suomesta ry / Code From Finland
Member of the board 2015 - 2016, chairman 2016 - present.

Drupal Association Finland
Member of the board 2012 - 2014, chairman 2014 - 2016, member of the board 2016 - present

Drupal Association Estonia
Member of the board 2012 - present

Doe ry (Academic Travel Association)
Founding member 1995 - 2001, chairman 1996 - 1998.

Club for Digital Media, DOT, Helsinki University of Technology
Founding member since 1994, honorary member since 1998, chairman 1994 and 1995.

Data Guild, Helsinki University of Technology
Member since 1993, editor-in-chief of guild magazine Alkorytmi 1994, 1995, and 1997 - 1999.

Athene, Helsinki University of Technology
Alumni since 2004.

Hobbies and Interests

Contemporary literature, modern art, digital photography, ice hockey, and biking.